Kandus Klyne

I spent my teenage years with my younger brother in a small town with my grandma and uncle. Some of my extra time was spent on the family farm helping my uncle cut the grass, move the machinery around and haul grain to the elevator. After completing high school, I moved to Saskatoon where I attended the Saskatoon Business College and obtained my Legal Assistant Diploma with honours. The majority of my working career has revolved around real estate. I have worked in law firms as a real estate assistant, an administrative assistant for a property management company, a brokerage assistant for a commercial real estate company and a receptionist at a residential real estate company. The last couple of years I have worked from home and attended many trade shows with my product around the province. Customer service has always been a top priority for me and continues to be with the Cawkwell Group.

My free time is spent with our family and travelling as much as we can. In two years we will be empty nesters and hope to even travel more. I also love to cook, crochet, listen to music and attend concerts