Angela Roy

I come from a family of Alberta pioneers, who carved out a piece of farmland from scratch.  I’ve definitely inherited the spirit of my heritage and value honesty, integrity and a hard day’s work. A city girl with a rural heart, I hope one day to live where I can see the stars shine at night and hear the birds chirp during the day.

I’ve spent over 15 years working with Saskatchewan landowners in an Administrative capacity.  My job is to make the landowner’s transition as seamless as possible by offering the highest level of support.  I also have over 4 years of Social Media Marketing experience that will help highlight properties for both buyers and sellers. As an avid real estate aficionado, I enjoy all aspect of the market. Buying and selling property is always exciting.

My free time is spent camping, walking and biking with my family. There is nothing more enjoyable than biking through the woods and the smell of pine trees. Unless there’s an ATV available, in which case, I’m exploring the backwoods and searching for deserted cabins and dilapidated barns.