Cheney Creamer

I learned about farm life and prairie work ethics early on in life and I carry those lessons with me today. I have a great love of good soil, I can spot a weed a mile away, and I will gladly engage in discussions about who has found the best local berry patches. Both sides of my family live and farm near Kelvington, SK, and I rarely miss a chance to come home for the annual Fair.

I currently live in Burnaby, BC where I own and operate a small consulting business. I have been working in Organizational Learning & Development for over 15 years and I’m a certified Virtual Facilitator and Trainer. I have worked with a variety of both small businesses and large multi-national organizations and I enjoy working with the Cawkwell Group as a virtual team. My focus with the Cawkwell Group is on developing and implementing systems and processes for both internal and external communications.

Outside of my role with the Cawkwell Group, my passion and much of my work revolves around workplace wellness and techniques for stress management. I am a Horticultural Therapy Specialist, HeartMath® Certified Coach, and Organic Master Gardener. My Saskatchewan roots serve me well in all of my business and personal ventures, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with other farming families (or soon to be farming families!) through the Cawkwell Group.